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Chris Iovenko is a writer and filmmaker in Los Angeles with many documentary and narrative film credits. Iovenko’s award-winning dark comedy EASY SIX (Showtime) starred Jim Belushi and marked Iovenko’s feature writing and directing debut.

Iovenko has also published fiction and non-fiction widely in such places as The Louisville Courier Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Spin and Details Magazine."Lucky Streak", his book length collection of short stories, was published by World Audience Publishing.

"Chris Iovenko’s prose comes at you like a pit bull. Whether he’s describing blue-collar barflies or corporate functionaries, he writes with a fiercely observant eye and a Swiftian sense of the absurd. This is original, high-risk stuff from a wickedly gifted storyteller" - Jonathan Bing, Author, “Open Wide: How Hollywood Box Office Became a National Obsession", Editor/Variety

My Writing Works


    Lucky Streak

    The stories in Christopher Iovenko's striking literary debut Lucky Streak vary widely in topic and setting, but together they chart a modern landscape of alienation and deprivation, both spiritual and physical. Whether following a teenager literally trapped in his house by an abusive stepfather, a homeless man who tries to make a living as a ventriloquist, or a professional gambler who takes his young daughter to Las Vegas to get his luck back, the stories radiate the power of lost dreams and frustrated desires. Humor palliates the dark themes, and the stories resolve themselves through redemption and revelation.

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    Please click here to read a sample story from the Lucky Streak collection

    My Film Works


    Easy Six - Written and Directed by Chris Iovenko. Starring Julian Sands and Jim Belushi.

    Packard Schmidt is a burnt-out, middle-aged college English professor. In a desperate attempt to restore some sense of vitality to his lonely existence he embarks on a series of impulsive romantic exploits resulting in a cavalcade of disaster both personally and professionally. These disasters change and educate Pack and serve eventually as a meditation on the meaning and power of desire, loss, and love.

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    Gatewood Galbraith a wildcat, pro-Hemp and pro-Marijuana Lexington lawyer began running for the Kentucky Governor’s office in 1991. Gatewood ran for governor five times before his death in 2012 at the age of 64. This documentary, which was begun in the 1990's, follows him on the campaign trail through bingo halls and barbeques as he attempts to get his unique message out and influence voters. Although he built up a considerable base of fans and support over the years, Gatewood never held public office. This documentary shows the challenges that face the outsider candidate in politics and illuminates the unconventional and controversial character of Gatewood Galbraith.

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    Sample Story from Lucky Streak

    Witness by Chris Iovenko

    It's not easy for me to have good dreams these days. I'm 33 but most days with my back so stiff I can hardly bend down, I feel like an old man. I've witnessed a lot of things too on the streets and in jail, things that make it hard on you even when you go to sleep. Witness feels like a strange word to me but also very familiar. I was brought up by my parents in east Tennessee in the Saviors of Jesus Pillow of God church, and the reverend Teesle who was a fat man who always wore a black hat, said there was a light that shined through all of us that came from God's eyes, and all of us whether we believed or not were a witness for God and his son Jesus. I never knew if I believed it, it always seemed hard just to stand things like what my father did to my brother and to think that by seeing things meant that God was seeing things only made it worse. How can God watch what we do to each other and not change it, or at least say anything, or have some sign that will show it will be all O.K. in the end?

    When my brother got old enough he killed my father and got put in jail. I left though I felt bad for my mother, and went to Texas where I worked in the oil fields for awhile and then quit and went to jail for stealing and then came out to California. I worked in a dry cleaners until I couldn't stand my back hurting all the time, not making any money and having my nose burn all the time. I'd seen a thing on t.v. about a guy who talked through a dummy. It seemed like a good idea to me and a way to earn some money. I went to a store that sold magic tricks and snakes that jump out of cans and got one, but the only one I could afford was black. That bothered me a little because especially in jail I was never able to get on with blacks very well. Maybe it's true with people too, after awhile I forgot what color his skin was painted.

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